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My first trip to Disneyland took place before my first birthday.  In the years since, I have visited Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom nearly 1,000 times.  Some of the visits occurred while I was a college student with an early annual passport, but many of them have taken place more recently, as a father of four, hoping to create memories with his own kids.

There are many sites out there with tips and tricks for how to maximize a vacation to Walt Disney’s original magic kingdom, Disneyland and its sister park, Disney California Adventure. This one is different, because it doesn’t exist to make money.  It doesn’t exist to point you to a specific hotel or travel agency.  It exists because I understand that when you take your family to Anaheim, it’s expensive.  It can be tedious.  It can get frustrating.  It’s hard to maintain the magic when you’re breaking the bank, tired of the crowds, and wondering just what you’ve gotten yourself into when those robotic birds start singing.

So, let me help.  I have tips and tricks gained from years of experience, multiple trips a year with kids of all ages.  I don’t live in Southern California, and I’m not an annual pass holder.  I visit like the average tourist, from out of town, trying to make the most of my vacation time and vacation dollar.

Disneyland Dad is here for you, to help you plan your trip, to answer your questions, to give you my thoughts on what can make your family’s visit to The Happiest Place on Earth as magical as you hope it will be.

(And while I echo Walt Disney and say, “To all who come to this happy place, welcome!” I would strongly urge you to share this with the dads in your life who may be hesitant.  One of my greatest joys is watching dads share incredible moments and create memories with their kids at Disneyland.)