When you remember rule number one about a trip to Disneyland (there will be lines), it’s good to know there’s a great way to give your kids a break when they get tired of standing in a queue.  Hidden behind towering trees is one of the best-themed areas in California Adventure, and part of my favorite area of the park, the recently expanded Grizzly Peak: the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

IMG_3513It’s what Tom Sawyer Island used to be at Disneyland–a great place for kids to run and jump and slide and have their own adventure.  Complete with rock walls, zip lines, rope bridges, slides, and even a fun hunt for Kevin from Up, the Challenge Trail is an ideal place for elementary age kids to get a break from the lines–and for their parents to get a nice rest.

IMG_3502In addition, helpful Park Rangers will provide a map for young Wilderness Explorers to help them find Kevin thanks to some helpful tips from Russell and Dug.  Several times a day, they can turn their completed map in a the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony, where they can meet Kevin, Dug, and Russell in a fun and cute experience.

IMG_3512Running water, beautiful trees, great music, and lots of places to sit make it an ideal place to get away from the crowds for awhile, too.  Because of the recent completion of turning that entire corner of California Adventure into Grizzly Peak, the whole place has a warm and homey feeling.  Sometimes the music from a live musician blows across the Trail, sometimes you can catch the screams from Grizzly River Run.  With plenty of benches, lots of shade, and the fact that most people don’t really know it’s here, it’s a great place to relax, even if you don’t have kids.  And it’s easily one of the best-themed areas in the Disneyland Resort.


Take a break, enjoy the trail, and rest awhile in Disney’s wonderful homage to America’s National Parks.

THE DISNEYLAND DAD SAYS: It’s worth it to walk the trails along with your kids, as there are great homages to several National Parks.  The music is a wonderful mix of contemporary bluegrass and film scores, and there’s a churro cart right around the corner.  Sometimes you can also see Koda and Kenai from Brother Bear here as well.  A great place for your kids to get the wiggles out, or get some extra exercise–and kids love seeing their parents on the rope bridges!