5) It doesn’t matter what everyone else sees.  What matters is what you see.
Walt Disney saw something new: a “theme park.”  What everyone else saw: orange groves in a sparsely populated area south of Los Angeles.  Walt’s idea is now 60 years old and going better and stronger than ever.  What everyone else saw hasn’t existed since July 1954.

4) What’s important is what you do with your kids.
Walt loved his time with his kids.  Whether you go to the Walt Disney Family Museum and see first-hand through home movies or just look at the park bench he used to sit on while watching his daughters play (it’s right inside the door of the Main Street Opera House), you discover that Walt’s primary motivation was his relationship with his kids.

3) Honor the past.
You may not have the best relationship with your parents, but it’s important to see beyond your issues and realize the impact they had on your life.  Same goes with people who influenced you and helped you get where you are today.  Walt’s Main Street, USA highlights these people by giving them a window, honoring how they helped Disney get where he was.  His father, Elias, is honored both at Disneyland and at the newer Disney California Adventure.

2) Music, smells, and sounds help create memories.
The smell of popcorn on Main Street, music in Fantasyland, or the whistle of the Mark Twain Riverboat all bring back memories for anyone who’s been to Disneyland.  The foods we eat, the smells we smell, or the music we love–all of these things help solidify memories and moments.  I can tell you exactly where I was the first time I tasted a churro.

1) Every dream starts somewhere.
Family helps us achieve and become everything we are supposed to be.  Walt may have been the crazy dreamer, but his brother Roy made sure those crazy dreams could come true.  They even started as the “Disney Brothers Studio” until Roy realized that just keeping Walt’s name on the letterhead would help the company be even stronger. Without his family, Walt’s dreams would have stalled and stopped.

Disneyland is more than just a great place to go with your family, it’s a great place for dad’s to think about and discover some great life lessons.