Disneyland bathrooms aren’t like regular public restrooms.

They are used by thousands of guests every day.  They are cleaned hundreds of times a day.  They are themed to match whatever land a guest currently finds themselves in.  But even Disneyland has a hierarchy of restrooms.  Some are stellar: clean, well-kept, lots of room, and (relatively) odor free.  Others are as far from magical as possible, and make it the “unhappiest” place on earth.  To help you plan accordingly, here are the Top 10 Restrooms at the Disneyland Resort.

10. Hollywood Boulevard Restrooms (California Adventure)
Themed to honor the design of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Hollyhock House (built in the 1920’s in Los Angeles), the bathrooms are in a under visited area due to the lack of major attractions nearby (the closest E-ticket is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror), and the fact that most people can’t tell it’s a restroom.

9.  Hungry Bear Restaurant Restrooms (Disneyland)
Located on the lower level of one of my favorite Disneyland restaurants (whose view of the Rivers of America is currently blocked by construction walls thanks to the new Star Wars expansion), these are busy restrooms due to their location–and the only restrooms in all of Critter Country.  However, they are usually kept very clean, there’s ample space to wait for each other, and lots of places for changing diapers.

8. Golden Vine Winery Restrooms (California Adventure)
You have to get off the main path through DCA to find these, which is why they are some of the best restrooms in the park.  As part of the restaurant complex, they’re usually only frequented by families eating there.  Clean, well-lighted, and not high traffic are always plusses–and if you really want to get away from it all, go upstairs to the Tasting Terrace and use the restrooms there–even better.

7.  Paradise Garden Grill Restrooms (California Adventure)
These restrooms survived the makeover of this entire area–they were once part of the in-park McDonald’s.  Although the rest of the area turned into turn of the century, the restrooms kept their weird Route 66 theme.  However, because they are far to the back of the complex, and not close to attractions, they are frequently empty, usually clean, and big enough to house lots of business.

6.  Carnation Cafe Restrooms (Disneyland)
One of several restroom complexes on Main Street, USA, this is the best.  Although small, it’s less frequented during the day (it gets busy pre-parade time and right before fireworks), and less crowded than the two restroom areas at Town Square.  Due to its closeness to the restaurant, it gets cleaned pretty consistently.

5.  Tomorrowland Station Restrooms (Disneyland)
Tucked in between Autopia, the Disneyland Railroad Station, and the Star Wars Launch Bay/Super Hero HQ complex, this is the least-used restroom in Tomorrowland.  Most guests frequent the restrooms next to Space Mountain and the entrance to Tomorrowland.  Although not the largest restrooms in the park, they are hidden and off the beaten path, which means they are usually not busy and kept clean.

4.  Pacific Wharf Restrooms (California Adventure)
Part of the large food court complex that makes up Pacific Wharf, they are tucked neatly into a corner, easy to find, and kept clean.  Due to their “newness” compared to the older Disneyland restrooms, the restrooms in DCA tend to be larger, have more space, and lots of room for kids, older folks, and changing areas.  Avoid these during meal times, however.

3.  Flo’s V8 Café Restrooms (California Adventure)
Although located in the very busy Cars Land, these restrooms are kept neat and clean most of the day, but really are best to be “enjoyed” early in the morning.  Well-lit, great music playing, and close to one of the best breakfasts in the Resort.  You can easily access them from Route 66, too, without going through the restaurant.

2.  Frontier Tower Restrooms (Disneyland Hotel)
The best bathrooms at any of the resort hotels is in the lower floor of the Frontier Tower.  The wallpaper is a fantastic mosaic of old Disneyland attraction posters, there’s plenty of privacy due to their remote location, and if you need to get away from it all (or give your family a break when you really need to go), these are always clean and usually empty.

And the best bathroom at Disneyland Resort?

I’m not telling.

They are the best because they are the most hidden, aren’t included on any of the maps, nor on the new app.  Subscribe to the Disneyland Dad’s email updates, and I’ll let you know where the best restroom in all of Disneyland is located.

Honorable Mention:
Carthay Circle Restrooms (California Adventure) Fantastic, but a little awkward to get to unless you are alone.  They’re guarded by hosts and hostesses of the restaurant, and they may ask why you’re climbing the stairs.

Disneyana Restrooms (Disneyland) On the right of Main Street, tucked in a corner, and again, off the beaten path.  If you really have to use the restroom while waiting for the parade, and can’t get to the Carnation Cafe, use this one.

Dishonorable Mention:
Bay Area Restrooms (California Adventure) Unless you can get in the Family Restroom, avoid this one at all costs.  Located between Grizzly River Run and The Little Mermaid, these are the worst-smelling restrooms in all the resort.  While they may be clean, they usually smell pretty bad.