You and your family are at Disneyland.  You’re having a great time.  But you’ve spent a lot of money on this vacation and you are wasting time.  You don’t have to, but you are because you forgot that time is money when you’re at the happiest place on earth.

5. Buy a Portable Battery for Your Family’s Devices.  Yes, you can find outlets around Disneyland to plug your phone into.  You can even rent a charging locker and leave your device plugged in.  But why waste your time, and waste possible missed photos and memories, because you had to wait for your phone to charge.  There are so many options to portable chargers, it’s silly to waste your time looking for an outlet.

4.  Have One Person Do the FastPass Run.  Once you’re in the Parks, and your family knows what attraction you want your next FastPass for, don’t gather everyone and walk over together.  Hand one person your passes (hopefully the fastest and least likely to drop your passports) and let them gather the FastPasses, then they can had back to where the best of the gang is waiting.

3.  Get Up Early and Take a Break.  Every season at Disneyland has its own rhythm, but mornings before 10 am are usually less busy than later in the day.  You can always sleep in tomorrow.  Wake up the family, take advantage of Extra Magic Hour/Magic Morning, and get into a park and save time.  Crowds are smaller, lines are shorter–which means you have more time to enjoy the attractions.

2.  Don’t Eat Three Meals.  There’s no reason to eat three meals.  Your family can make do with two meals.  While everyone is getting in lines for lunch, your family made the smart move and ate a late breakfast, brought enough snacks, and eat dinner before everyone else is thinking about it.  While everyone else waits around and eats, you’ve streamlined your eating and saved time for something more fun.

1.  Walk, Don’t Run.  You may think getting where you need to go means running there.  But if you’re traveling with your kids, sometimes just walking slowly is faster than hurrying.  Dragging your kid behind you, yelling at them to hurry up not only will make you take longer, but it will create a memory with your child that you may not wish you had.  So don’t be afraid to go a little slower–it may actually save you some time!