Disney’s Phineas and Ferb may be off the air, but its legacy is one every parent should take to heart.  It pretty much sums up my passion as a father and why our family’s Disneyland vacations are so important to me.

If we are lucky as parents, we get 18 summers to create memories with our kids.  And those 18 go by awfully fast.  I remember my oldest daughter’s first summertime, even as a baby, as we went on drives, swam in pools, and planned her first trip to Disneyland.  Here we are getting ready for her 17th summer, and that time zipped by way too fast.

We leave for our next Disneyland trip on Father’s Day, and while it may not seem ideal to sit in a car for 18 hours on a day that’s supposed to celebrate you, I can’t think of a better way to spend it!  In the company of my kids and wife, creating memories, laughing about shared jokes, stopping at the usual rest stops and restaurants.

I have one big summer left with my oldest daughter.  I get about three more with my oldest son.  I have another 8 and 10 with the little kids, but I don’t want to waste a single moment.  Not every day can be an adventure and a trip to Disneyland, but every day can be filled with something that makes you laugh, makes you glad to be alive, and makes your kids look back and remember.

Will they remember that you complained about them being home all the time?  Or will they remember the excitement you had for them being home, the Otter Pops you shared, or the thrill of packing their Mouse ears for the next Disney adventure?

Summer belongs to you, sang Phineas in one of the greatest episodes of a truly great television show.  His sister, Candace, takes a verse and says it even better:

Now there’s something that I’ve got to say out loud
Time is what you make of it, so take a chance
Life is full of music so you ought to dance
The world’s a stage and it is time for your debut
Don’t waste a minute sitting on that chair
The world is callin’ to you, just get out there:
Summer belongs to you!

So, get out there and make some memories.  And if your memory making takes you to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, great!  I’ll see you there.

Next week, I’ll be posting from Disneyland!